Digital Control System (SNCC) .

  • Engineering ,functionnal analysis, design, development and simulation on different systems PLC, DCS, ESD, F&G, SCADA,
  • Supply and assembly of cabinets, Control and conduct posts.
  • On site Inspection and acceptance (FAT/ SAT).
  • On site Installation, commissioning tests and installations start-up .
  • Technical assistance , expertise and maintenance.
  • On site / office Training for Operators and enginners for plants operation.

Electricity and Instrumentation.

  • Engineering, design of P&ID, data specifications and calculation note on:
    • High and medium voltage and low power.
    • Valves, Indicators, Transmetters, Analyser et Chromatograph.
  • Suplies, assembly and Commissionning of equipments and consumables
  • Supply and assembly of shelters and armored posts.
  • control panels and driving motors , transformers, cable trays, cables, …
  • Calibration and instruments tests.
  • technical assistance and facilities maintenance.

Mechanical .

  • Engineering, design, data sheet, MTO, design calculation and analysis of :
    • Static Equipment.
    • Rotary machines.
    • Pipeline and Piping.
    • Industrial Steel structues.
  • Technical assistance and maintenance and industrial plants.
Génie Civil

Civil Work.

  • Engineering, design, data sheet and design calculations.
  • Construction and architectural design, roads, trench, road networks and draining systems.
  • Technical Assistance.

Telecommunication network and optical fiber.

  • Engineering, design, Technical data sheet.
  • Material procurement and deployment solutions for industrial networks.
  • Optical welding and OTDR tests.
  • Checking and commissioning.
Fibre optique
Procedes Industriels

Industrial Processes.

  • Engineering, design, PFD, P&ID, data sheet, Process Simulation.
  • Plants Commissioning.
  • Technical assistance, operation of facilities