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Sonatrach (Project 01)

Fiber Optical Network Tests.
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Sonatrach TRC (Project 06)

Technical Assistance, Supervision and Commissioning
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Technical Assistance, Loop Tests, Commissioning, Commissioning and Maintenance.
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 Realization of Electrical Works, Cathodic Protection, Telecomunication of Tunnels T1 / T3 / T4 Highway East / West.
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Association Sonatrach-ENI

Supervision of Civil Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Piping (Project C.A.F.C).
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Sonatrach DP (Projet 03)

Well Revamping:
        - Instrumentation, SCADA and Electrical.
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Sonatrach DP (Project 04)

Loop Tests, Commissioning, Start Up:
        -Instrumentation, Process, Mechanical and Electrical (CPF Project) 
Technical Assistance:
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Groupement Sonatrach/ Petrovietnam/ PTTEPA

Commissioning :
        -  SCADA, DCS, ESD, F & G, Instrumentation and Fiber Optical. 
Technical Assistance of Installations (Maintenance).
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Sonatrach TRC (Project 07)

Realization of Electrical Works, Instrumentation, Cathodic Protection, Telecomunication , Boiler making, Civil Engineering and Building (TASO GK3).br/>
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Sonatrach DP (Project 05)

Tests and Commissioning:
        - Electrical Installations and Instrumentation.
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Tests, Commissioning and Maintenance:
        - Realization of Electrical Works, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Boiler making
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Arcelor Mittal El Hadjar

        -  Electrical, Instrumentation.
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